“通过这要所有的人知道,你是我的门徒,因为你们彼此相爱”(John 13:35)。爱是看到了我们彼此的反应方式,我们见面之后,我们后来离开。父亲的爱浪荡子visibly seen as he rushed toward him.What did the father do to the barefooted son in ragged clothes who had been among the swine?He embraced him and kissed him.Contrast this with how the older brother reacted.

holy kiss

What came after?

When Paul spoke of greeting one another with a holy kiss, he was not instituting a new form of greeting.Some focus only on the kiss, while Paul’s emphasis was on the nature of the kiss.The kiss of Judas in Gethsemane was far removed from being holy—it was hypocritical.

Kissing is only one way to greet.It varies in different cultures.Some reverently bow toward the other person with folded hands.In other places, there is kissing on the cheeks—either one or both.Then, there are those where greetings are shown by rubbing one’s nose against another’s.How each of these is done can show respect, honor or love.Paul’s emphasis was not on the kiss, but its genuine sincerity.

It is interesting to note how often the Bible talks about what happened after the kiss.Joseph revealed himself to his brethren.The text says he embraced Benjamin, kissed all his brothers and “…after that his brothers talked with him” (Gen.45:14)。The kiss was just the beginning.It was what followed that really showed his heart.Think again of the kiss of Judas and what followed.

In Acts 21, Paul arrived in Jerusalem and greeted the elders.What happened next?“He told in detail the things God had done among the Gentiles.” The emphasis is not on the greeting but what followed.Paul greeted in writings.He greeted 24 people in just 13 verses in Romans 16.Culture often determines the nature of the greeting.The heart determines how sincere it is.

We see genuine brotherly love so often.Think of what spontaneously happens after one is baptized and is welcomed into the kingdom.You see it again when one is restored.It is seen in the compassion at funerals.

In recent days, we have experienced new ways of greeting.In view of the contagious virus, there are still shaking hands or embracing others.Far more will bump fists—where did that come from?Some teens bump toes as they greet.Who would have ever thought Americans would ever greet by bumping elbows!Remember there are holy kisses, holy hugs, holy fists, and holy elbows.It is what follows the greetings that matters!

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Enlightened, Empowered, Lost


Enlightened, Empowered, Lost

Dear friend, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you smile.Oh, I see you “smiling” in social media posts, but there is a distinct difference in your smile today, versus 2-3 years ago.You’ve lost that spark that used to light up your entire face.There is a bitterness and hardness in your posts that makes me sad.It seems that you have gone off to college and have been “enlightened” by professors who want you to have a more open mind, and in the process, you have turned your back on almost everything you were taught when you were younger.And that “enlightenment” has brought with it a dark cloud that hovers over you.


Enlightened by the world, but not God?

You now champion the pro-choice movement.You protest at Black Lives Matter rallies.You demand gender equality in everything.Your posts center around things like being empowered, toxic masculinity, and white privilege.You have surrounded yourself with likeminded liberal friends and have stopped talking to the Christians you grew up with.And, sadly, your relationship with God has grown cold.It’s painfully obvious to anyone who has known you for a few years.

I realize that according to your college courses I am a big part of the “problem.” I am a conservative white male, which according to some of your professors ranks me just slightly above being a terrorist.And I also realize that you are likely not to pay much attention to what I say because I am a white male.

However, I would beg you for just a few minutes to focus on a single word:soul.Do your newfound political alliances enrich the soul God gave you?Do your friends honestly care about where your soul will spend eternity?Do your professors that are filling your head with all of this new liberal information even believe you have a soul?If you died tonight, where would your soul spend eternity?When is the last time you thought about your own soul?

Deep down in the recesses of your mind you know the evidence is there that Jesus walked the earth.You know the tomb was empty.You probably even miss some of the songs you grew up singing.Please reconsider the path you have started down.

You probably suspect I am going to make this plea about “us” versus “them.” That’s not my goal.I am a sinner, just like your new friends… and so my goal is not to have you pick sides—my goal is to rekindle your love with the only person who has walked this earth who was not a sinner—Jesus Christ.It’s not about whether I agree politically with your new ideology.It’s not about taking “sides.” It’s about whether we can be united in Christ, and redeemed by His blood.

Yes, I will freely admit to you that the church has not gotten everything right.I will admit there are hypocrites in the church (just like there are in all groups).Hypocrites (and everyone else) need the blood of Jesus!I will even admit that I grew up in an educational system that emphasized the accomplishments of white men.But none of that changes the very real fact that you and I need Jesus.He (and He alone) is the source of true peace, joy, and salvation.

I beg you to take some time over the next few days and think about your soul.Think about your inner peace and where your allegiance is.Consider how much true joy and happiness you have in your life.And then ask yourself, am I on His side—because at the end of the day that is the only side that matters.I hope you will think on these things.

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Recientemente observé en los pasillos de Walmart un libro;el titulado “La mujer en la ventana”.No tengo ni la más mínima idea de que trata el libro, sin embargo inmediatamente me hizo pensar en el profeta Jeremías y su pluma cuando dijo: “Porque la muerte ha subido por nuestras ventanas, ha entrado en nuestros palacios, para exterminar a los niños de las calles, a los jóvenes de las plazas.” (Jr.9:21).

Ventana mujer


Jeremías era un hombre verdaderamente excepcional.Nadie más podía ser tan fuerte en carácter y tan amoroso al mismo tiempo para predicar tan claro y vivido a la gente de su tiempo más que él.Sin embargo, no importa lo que Jeremías podía hacer con Dios, sino lo que Dios podía hacer con Jeremías.Ninguna educación elevada, salud o Riqueza podía salvar al pueblo de Israel del merecido castigo de Dios.De hecho esas tres cosas son de lo más valorado y apreciado para el mundo en nuestros días.Dios no depende de dignatarios, presidente de una nación, productividad financiera, ejército o influencia política.EL SE deleita EN LA正义,拉让蒂伊莱萨,萨尔瓦多奥马尔德人物阙conocen人阅兵式Ÿobedecen EN alguna全国日报。奥斯哈博prometidoŸ的Prosperidad对bendición拉GENTE德尔pacto antiguo阙乐obedeciera。

奥斯advierte一个苏镇和Los骆驼一lamentarse porque弹指一挥间tendrían阙ESTAR presentes恩未葬礼恩角城卡索苏propio sepelio。拉老爹estaba EN LA塔纳ŸningúnPODER政治妮UNA介绍公司简介德profetas falsospodríadetenerla。拉老爹ES ejemplificada褐科莫联合国ladrón阙SUBE POR LA塔纳(VERDISEÑO德卡萨斯EN tiempos antiguos)LISTA对罗巴尔日欧空局VIDAS棕褐色apreciadas。洛杉矶JudíosSE jactaban日苏pacto和Lacircuncisión佩罗时代独奏EN LA卡尔puesto阙没有habíanalcanzado拉circuncisión阙ES德尔柯拉(4:4;申。10:16;Hech.7:51;只读存储器。2:25-29)。香格里拉GENTE德HOY连接DIA阙depende德尔总统府,福美来,吾友ÿDEMAS连接VEZ德PONER人迪奥斯德拉格洛丽亚ŸSUS estatutos SE encuentran EN LA mismacondición阙aquellos连接洛杉矶tiempos德赫雷米亚斯。待办事项cuantosestán洼地拉想法阙拉religiosidad,LA伊格莱西亚误教士Ø拉TRADICION口服儿子suficientes对拉salvaciónpueden quedar MUY avergonzados。Incluso quienes hemos锡多convertidos人迪奥斯德拉BIBLIAŸañadidos一肃伊格莱西亚necesitamos关语阙ESO无号exime德pecadoŸ阙奥斯没有ESTA连接deuda CON nosotros。号alarmarnosÿdolemos人escuchar拉德老爹德muchos戈斯nuestrosÒcercanos familiares。Realmente ES德humanos dolerse,佩罗人MISMO蒂恩波EL克里斯蒂亚诺没有德贝olvidar EL恐怖德拉老爹乙级,阙ES LAseparaciónETERNA迪奥斯。(Ap.20:14)。德埃斯特versículo连接JEREMIAS aprendemos阙拉老爹físicaESTA带拉本塔纳Ÿ科莫ladrónvendrá罪poderla evitar,(Heb.9:27)佩罗tambiénUNO SE DA CUENTA inmediatamente阙埃尔科拉松没有arrepentido去以色列莱traería拉desgraciafísica宽多西连 llevados cautivos hasta Babilonia en exilio.

恩Salmos 137个tenemos连接记录拉斯PALABRAS德JEREMIAS POR单方面德洛斯Judíos阙雅estaban EN EL exilio。萨尔瓦多略罗,洛recuerdos德托达拉斯veces阙fueron exhortadosŸadvertidos POR单方面迪奥斯埃兰expresados连接lágrimasÿmelancolía。恩赫雷米亚斯9个podemos observar EL pasado,presenteÿFUTURO去捞取去以色列佩罗tambiénEL NUESTRO。拉老爹对quienes汉obedecido真理报ES谭独奏UNA别哈Amiga的阙号公顷seguido德leJOS的佩罗ahora号llevará人HOGAR ETERNO。

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最近我收到有人要求仁的电话。她解释说她的情况后,我主动提出要带她的信息,使我们的仁爱执事能取得联系。大多数人都满意使我们有机会再次与他们联系。然而,在这个电话,对方表示,“你不关心我!” and hung up.你听说过有人以前说?这是一个非常有害的事说了,并表示深深的怨恨和愤怒。这种说法几乎都是假的,因为有人关心不够最初听,这表明至少有照顾一些级别的显示。那么,为什么会有人做出这样的声明?

care lady

You don’t care about me!

自怜很大程度上要归咎于这样的评论。使这一声明的人希望另一在同一级别为他们感到难过,他们觉得对不起自己。如果对方不表达的遗憾,深度,那么他/她必须根本不关心他们。这是真的操纵别人,让他们去做自己想要的东西的被动攻击技术。当有人这样一个离谱的要求,一个优秀的人会感到内疚不是更多的同情,并力求更好地采取行动。因此,它是所有关于控制。“你没有表现得像我想你的行为”的被动攻击人说;“所以,我会让你感到内疚,所以你会做什么,我要你做!” This is ungodly and sinful behavior that seeks self above others.保罗说,“我们没有通过自私的野心或骄傲来完成,但要注意的谦卑让每一个自尊别人比自己强”(腓2:3)。

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The way Christians look at the cross of Jesus is vastly different from the way the ungodly look at it.Paul sums it all up in these words, “It pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.For the Jews request a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom;but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness” (1 Cor.1:21-23)。This is so far removed from the way saints see the cross.

Cross sunset

What do you see?

Pagans look at the cross.Every god of every pagan was powerful—more powerful than any man.The very concept of deity being killed by mortals was beyond comprehension.As the early church brought the message of the cross to the entire world, it was foolishness.

Jews look at the cross.They were expecting the coming of the Messiah.Those who understood could see that God had promised to someday send a prophet, priest and king to live among them.With their view of the Messiah, the cross became a stumbling block.One does not have to submit to a king who is so helpless or listen to a mortal who claims to be a prophet.耶稣 may have said, “You have heard that it was said, but I say to you…,” but who cares what Jesus said, for he is just a man claiming to be someone great.One cannot put their trust in a priest like Jesus to save them.What was said at the cross sums it up: “He saved others;let Him save Himself if He is the Christ, the chosen of God” (Luke 23:35)。

Christians look at the cross.Read the rest of the words of Paul to the Corinthians.“We preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.” It is truly amazing how differently a pagan, a Jew and a Christian would hear the same sermon.What is the right view?Look at the cross through the eyes of God.

Built within God’s eternal plan is a weekly communion with Jesus at His table.As you remember Him every week, make sure you truly see who He is.Remember His body and His blood.As you remember Him every week, look at yourself—let a man examine himself.As you remember Him every week, see the future—proclaim His death until He comes.

God has no other message for mankind.犹太人要求标志的唯一标志 was the cross.The Greeks sought wisdom, but the only wisdom God had for them was Christ crucified.We must never forget the cross and what happened there.A failure to look at the cross, to remember what happened for us, will result in us being “barren and unfruitful and blind” (2 Pet.1:8-9)。See the cross like God sees it!

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